Higher Profitability Through
                        Resource Management
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Ag Resources Management

Manure management planning for all classes of livestock

Determining the best use of farm resources can sometimes be a challenge. Each farm has its own unique set of assets that contribute to making it a profitable operation. Each farm operator also has their own interests and strengths that need to be brought into the picture when decisions are being made.

 Let Ag Resources Management help you stay in compliance with any rules and regulations regarding manure application that may pertain to your operation. We can also assist you in maximizing profit potential by making the best use of manure nutrients produced from your livestock. We do planning for all livestock operations in Iowa.

Call us at 563-942-6269 or 563-219-5711 to set up a no obligation appointment to discuss your needs for nutrient management planning. You can also email us at ecandrews@iowatelecom.net.